Everything Changes, Everything Stays The Same

Nigel has a dead-on understanding of the nature of TV going forward. I have long been trying to make people realise that the traditional TV is the natural home of video content, and integrating content with the existing TV paradigm is the optimal experience. Hence my belief that Smart TVs are the only worthwhile innovation TV manufacturers have pushed since FullHD (except ultra narrow bezels, which are also fantastic).

Decipher 'Off Air'

Sept 2011 - New NW BW Head & Shoulders (thumbnail)The TV industry seems particularly prey to myths and misconceptions. Some of them are accidental and some deliberate.    For instance, there are huge global, new-media entities whose core business models are predicated on broadcast TV dying, so the new media industry has spent the last ten years calling the death of TV.   We have become familiar with the standard misconceptions they peddle:  ‘the 1950s audience is dead’, … ‘no-one watches live TV anymore’ ..or more invidious, given its attack on the funding model, ‘everyone hates TV advertising’.

These are annoying for TV insiders but it is often hard to escape the perception that the industry has been complicit in its own misery. This is because of the number of times these inaccuracies are actually peddled by senior TV and agency execs, who fail to look past the misconceptions and see the facts.  Typically, they…

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