Look at this handsome devil. Someone should give him a talk show.

Look at this handsome devil. Someone should give him a talk show.


This is Paul Douglas Online, the home of me, Paul “TV Paul” Douglas, on the web. I am currently a Schedule & Operations Executive for the UK’s premiere Pay-TV operator, British Sky Broadcasting. I’m also a Graduate, semi-professional video producer, (Currently amateur) comedian and aspiring Late Night Talk Show host. Currently producing comedic videos for the web, I studied Television & Broadcasting at the University of Portsmouth and Graduated in July 2013 with First Class Honours. Oh, and I’m one of the members of the Professionally Stupid Troupe – makers of fine insanity since 2012.

You can get in touch with me via email, Twitter or on this very site by leaving a comment.


  • I was born in Polar Bear City (Modern day Aberdeen) in 1991.
  • I once briefly lived in France, the European Country.
  • I post random musings, interesting or funny pictures, jokes, rants and more on my Twitter.
  • I review beverages in video form as part of my inexplicable web series “Paul Douglas Drinks to Beverages”.
  • I once wrote a musical. Actually, I’ve written two and a half. One and a half of which included original songs. None of which were ever performed in any way.
  • On that note, I also once wrote an entire album’s worth of songs, during a brief period when I thought I might be a musician (I was not. The lyrics were alright though).
  • I’m a fairly good painter, though a pretty mediocre drawer, and I once drew a few strips for an aborted webcomic.
  • I don’t believe in monkeys.
  • I might be addicted to Lego, and am definitely addicted to Coca-Cola.
  • I have a famously obvious crush on Vanessa Hudgens.
  • All four of my names are valid first names.
  • I have seen every episode of The Simpsons. Almost all of them twice. Many of them even more than that.
  • I have been to Southampton, but I have not ever been to Scunthorpe and plan on keeping it that way.
  • I know the difference between “imply” and “infer” but not the difference between butter and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter.
  • That last one was a lie. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter is margarine. That’s the difference.
  • I frequently say things as unhelpful as that in exactly that blandly authoritative manner. Contrary to popular belief I both know and care how annoying that is, I just happen to enjoy doing it for that very reason.

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